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Our Company was founded in 1982 in New York. The first ten years were mostly devoted to productions and post-productions in
the arts: performance, dance, theater, art and independent projects. From 1992 on the company's business has evolved into three branches:

1. The industry. Producing and supporting video projects from presentations to corporate documentaries.

2. Social. Innovating video production and post-production from photo presentations to professional wedding docu-stories.

3. Broadcast. Supporting commercials production and TV pilots as well as creating content for cablecasting.

Today, we are expanding our support services to include vital information management, how-to support for individuals or in-house corporate productions and project strategy and logistics consulting.

We will be most happy to contribute to your web, intranet, corporate and industry projects that involve video.

Please, feel free to contact us with your project questions and needs.

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